20 Apr 2020

Protect Your Essential Workers with Contactless Badges

Health, safety and limited exposure is on everyone's minds during the COVID-19 crisis. A simple switch in how essential employees record time and attendance could save lives.

As COVID-19 cases continue to spread across the US and the world, all attention has turned to limiting exposure, practicing social distancing and remaining cautious about what we touch when we are unable to stay home.

For essential employees who continue to work on-site during this crisis, every day is a challenge to avoid the virus while providing the services, products and effort that are still critically important for all of us. Employers of such workers are implementing as many rules, guidelines and precautions as possible to keep employees safe, but may be missing out on one key opportunity the moment their staff arrives--the time and attendance station.

Non-exempt employees are typically required to clock-in and out at the beginning and end of a shift and the method for doing so can vary: 

  • Handwritten time-sheet
  • Punch-card
  • Swipe card
  • Key code
  • Touch screen
  • Fingerprint readers

All of these methods are either using high-touch surfaces or can bottleneck employees slowing down to clock in/out in a manner inconsistent with social distancing protocols. What maybe we once did without a second thought now has worrisome ramifications when we consider how many other people may have touched the same place.

A simple solution is to switch these protocols over to a contactless reader using a high-frequency smart credential programmed with the employee's details and integrated with existing or new software. Now, time & attendance can be recorded with a quick wave of a card or badge...no touching or lengthy stop required.

rf IDEAS, the leading manufacturer of credential readers for authentication and identification has been working with this technology for years, led by their WAVE ID line of contactless badge readers. 13.56 MHz WAVE ID Solo or the WAVE ID Plus can read virtually any high-frequency credential on the market, are easy to integrate with existing time & attendance software, and come in a variety of form factors including surface mount, desktop, mobile credential readers, and USB Nano readers for laptops and mobile devices.

The technology has a variety of other applications as well and probably work with badges already in use for door access: 

  • Single sign-on
  • PLCs/Logical Access Control
  • Tool Cribs
  • Cafeteria POS
  • Secure print
  • Vehicle access

Employers looking to provide one more layer of safety and security to their workers should look to contactless badging, an investment with benefits that will last long past the current crisis.

To learn more, contact your BlueStar account manager or rf IDEAS RSM today.