2 Dec 2019

Product Bulletin End of Sale for T6000

Printronix Auto ID is announcing the end of sale for the T6000 industrial thermal printer.

he last order date will be December 31st, 2019. Technical support, spare parts, and consumables will continue through December 31st, 2024. 
The replacement product for the T6000 is the T6000e industrial printer which is designed to provide a seamless transition in all applications, as well as offer new capabilities such as 4in 600dpi printing, 6in RFID encoding, and support for both standard RFID labels and on-metal tags. The key selling points of the T6000e: • Productivity: Print speeds up 14 inches/second, high print volume, user-friendly control panel, and easy loading 8in label roll and 450m ribbon • Versatility: Printronix System Architecture (PSA) supports nine competitor print languages and enterprise level remote management tools. The T6000e offers flexible RFID printing/encoding on both 4in and 6in models, with support for both standard RFID labels and on-metal RFID tags.  • Dependability: Rugged all-metal frame construction, very high MTBF, and wide operating temperature range down to -5degC
The following is a partial list of T6000 part numbers and the equivalent T6000e replacement part number. 
T6000 Part Number T6000 Description T6000e Part Number T6000e Description T62X4-1100-00 T6000,4IN,203DPI,AMERICAS T6E2X4-1100-00 T6000e,4IN,203DPI,AMERICAS T62X4-2100-00 T6000,4IN,203DPI,EU T6E2X4-2100-00 T6000e,4IN,203DPI,EU T63X4-1100-00 T6000,4IN,300DPI,AMERICAS T6E3X4-1100-00 T6000e,4IN,300DPI,AMERICAS T63X4-2100-00 T6000,4IN,300DPI,EU T6E3X4-2100-00 T6000e,4IN,300DPI,EU T62R4-1100-00 T6000,4IN,203DPI,RFID,AM T6E2R4-1100-00 T6000e,4IN,203DPI,RFID,AM T62R4-2100-00 T6000,4IN,203DPI,RFID,EU T6E2R4-2100-00 T6000e,4IN,203DPI,RFID,EU T62X6-1100-00 T6000,6IN,203DPI,AMERICAS T6E2X6-1100-00 T6000e,6IN,203DPI,AMERICAS T62X6-2100-00 T6000,6IN,203DPI,EU T6E2X6-2100-00 T6000e,6IN,203DPI,EU T63X6-1100-00 T6000,6IN,300DPI,AMERICAS T6E3X6-1100-00 T6000e,6IN,300DPI,AMERICAS T63X6-2100-00 T6000,6IN,300DPI,EU T6E3X6-2100-00 T6000e,6IN,300DPI,EU