30 Aug 2019

POS Printers That Can Be Used For More Than Just Receipt Printing

Location: United States and Canada

In a world where we have access to various different types of technology to help our businesses it’s important that our devices can carry out a multitude of tasks – even our POS printers.

That’s why we’ve designed our POS range to be capable of so much more than just receipt printing. We want our POS printers to aid your business through other means too like queue management, kitchen orders, self-service kiosks and weighing scales. By utilizing a unit and giving it multiple purposes, it saves businesses both time and money. After all having the same printer unit throughout your business means less training, and having a POS printer that can undertake more than one tasks saves you from buying another unit.


Our CT-S4000 is not only our only four-inch POS printer, it is also our only POS printer with a compression drive. The compression drive allows this unit to take standard A4 documents and scale them down to fit on to a receipt perfectly. This is ideal for businesses like car rental companies who want to provide customers with receipts and important terms and conditions at the same time and on the same roll of paper. Similarly hotels could use this tool to provide customers with check-out documentation including what was charged and credited to rooms during stays.

CT-E351 / 651

The CT-E351 and CT-E651 are some of our most recently released POS printers. With a sleek design and compact size it’s no surprise that they have been a popular choice for aesthetic conscious retailers. However, they are not just the ideal POS units for keeping up with appearances – thanks to their small size they are also the perfect fit for self-service kiosks within retail and hospitality. They can easily be mounted inside a kiosk and concealed from view to print speedy receipts at a self-service checkout or queue management at a popular takeaway.


Our CT-S801II is one of our most renowned POS printers. With a user-friendly LCD screen allowing users to have total control over print functions, and a print speed of up to 300mm per second – it’s a firm favorite within our range. However due to an optional mounting kit, the CT-S801II can be transformed from standard POS printer to mounted kitchen printer. Once mounted it becomes a front exit printer – ideal for the kitchen as this can prevent damage from spillages coming from above. From the kitchen the CT-S801II would be the perfect printer for printing food orders as well as any special requests from the front of house to the kitchen.