6 May 2020

Notification of Changes to Honeywell Project Registration Policy

As customers transform their businesses to keep pace with today’s ever changing and uncertain business climate, our Partners play a critical role in helping them determine the requirements for building the right solutions to extract maximum value from their people, processes, and assets. That’s why Honeywell Productivity Products is excited to announce improvements to the Project Registration Program aimed to help partners increase profits, revenues, and margins while closing deals faster

Project Registration Program Summary

Honeywell’s Project Registration (PR) Discount is designed to reward Honeywell Performance Partners for their value-selling activities when they resell Honeywell hardware and service contracts as part of the solution they provide to end-user customers. The Honeywell PR Discount provides Partners with a fast and easy process for requesting and receiving an enhanced discount on eligible products sold as part of approved projects.

What’s Changing

Below is a summary of enhancements planned for the PR Program that will be active beginning on April 9, 2020:

2019 Program

2020 Enhancements

Minimum Revenue Thresholds

Mobility - $25,000 USD
Printers - $15,000 USD 
Scanners - $15,000 USD

Mobility - $25,000 USD 
Printers - $10,000 USD
Scanners - $5,000 USD

Eligible Products

Mobile computers, scanners, printers, and service contracts

Mobile computers, scanners, printers, service contracts, and RFID*

Duration of Approved PR

6 months duration with the opportunity to renew two times for 3 month duration

12 months duration with the opportunity to renew one time for 12 month duration

*See Eligible Product Families

Commitment is more than a phrase or two on a company’s website. That’s why we will continue to look for ways to help our channel Partners work more effectively with Honeywell and our mutual customers. 

If you have any questions about the enhanced Project Registration Program for 2020, please contact your Honeywell sales representative.