15 Jan 2019

New Release of DC Console Available

Location: United States

We are happy to announce that the New Release of DC Suite / DC Console is available now with new features and enhancements. What's New?

  • Compare App Data Capture:
    - Added ability to capture data using the Compare App
  • Header Field:
    - Allows use of *header fields* to place unique data at the top of data files
  • Increment (Quantity, Sum, Etc.) Field:
    - Added special ability to sum numeric quantities (when matching value is found in correlated field.)  Example - If you scan the same item five times with quantity "1", the item is recorded with quantity "5" rather than being listed as five separate records with quantity "1".
  • Date Value Formats for Input Fields
    - Allows pre-formatting of field inputs using special characters to ease keyboard input.  Example - ##/##/####, ###-##-####, etc.
  • Persistent Field
    - Added special ability for field to persist across multiple screens.
  • Clear and Unlock Field Functionality for Apps While on the Device
    - Added hotkey to clear and unlock all fields returning to initial screen.

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