1 Jul 2020

Mounted to Mobile - the Flexibility You Need

tDynamo delivers a flexible solution to go from mounted contactless to handheld and mobile

tDynamo Stand

tDynamo allows you to go easily between a fixed platform to a mobile platform, giving you the flexibility your application and environment might need. The optional docking stand can be mounted to counters with one screw and nut, making installation simple. tDynamo uses very little counter real estate, while providing an easy to use payment device that accepts multiple payment methods

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Classic Plastic to Wearables

tDynamo is a versatile reader in a simple and easy to understand design. With all of the payment methods in the market today, tDynamo delivers magnetic stripe, chip card, and contactless (EMV and NFC) in a small form factor. Now you can accept classic plastic to mobile wallets and just about everything in between.

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Security in Mind

Data is protected and encrypted the moment it is swiped, tapped, or dipped, so clear data never enters your system. Proven 3DES end-to-end encryption and industry standard DUKPT key management allow for greater platform flexibility. Ask a representative for more information about the MagTek MagneSafe Security Architecture and Magensa Services including data protection and transaction services.

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