4 Mar 2019

Janam Delivers 40% Decrease in Water Meter Reading Time

Stone Oak Property Owners Association deploys Janam’s XT2 rugged touch computer to improve accuracy and increase employee productivity

Janam Technologies LLC, a leading provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, announced today that Stone Oak Property Owners Association (POA) is using XT2 rugged mobile computers from Janam to improve its water meter reading processes.

With its mission to provide services for the maintenance and betterment of the Stone Oak planned community in San Antonio, TX, Stone Oak POA sought a solution that could automate the reading of 45 water meters. Stone Oak POA worked closely with Barcoding, Inc., a leader in supply chain efficiency, accuracy and connectivity, to identify a rugged mobile computer that could withstand all-day use across a wide temperature range. Decision makers at Stone Oak POA selected Janam’s XT2 because of its compact size, rugged design and superior barcode scanning technology.


  • Prior to deploying Janam’s XT2 rugged touch computers, Stone Oak POA required several personnel to visit each water meter, record the data by hand and report back to the POA supervisor. The supervisor would then record the data again in a master document.
  • As a trusted partner and systems integrator, Barcoding integrated Janam’s XT2 rugged touch computers with a custom data capture application from The Data Collection Center.
  • The easy-to-use XT2 allows Stone Oak’s maintenance team to quickly capture a photo of the meter and record the reading with a date and time stamp.
  • The new system enables Stone Oak POA to eliminate time-consuming duplicate work, reduce human error and increase employee productivity so that their time can be spent on other initiatives. It also helps Stone Oak POA identify earlier any issues with its irrigation systems, such as leaks or unauthorized usage.
  • Weighing only 10 ounces, the Android-powered XT2 is smaller, lighter and faster than other rugged mobile computers in its class and is designed to foster collaboration across mobile workforces.

Harry B Lerner, CEO, Janam Technologies
“By working closely with partners like Barcoding and The Data Collection Center, we provide organizations like Stone Oak Property Owners Association with an easy and affordable way to automate data capture. Our next-generation, Android-powered devices enable mobile workers to perform tasks quickly and provide greater visibility into workflows to optimize operations.”

Meg Lorente, Property Manager, Stone Oak Property Owners Association
“Prior to deploying Janam’s XT2 rugged touch computer, it took our team more than 1200 hours annually to manage the meter reading system. We’ve not only reduced the time by 40%, but the new system allows us to easily reconcile report results with invoices from the San Antonio Water System (SAWS), and as a result we have received thousands of dollars in credit due to SAWS overestimating our usage.”

John Kiser, Sales Representative, Barcoding, Inc.
“This project automated and streamlined an existing function for early leak detection on a large irrigation system and Stone POA saw ROI in less than one year. Most importantly, we helped them conserve a precious natural resource -- water!”