19 Mar 2019

Introducing GTS Fresh Start™

Location: United States

An innovative and inexpensive way to get your mobile devices operating optimally in your facility.

  • Minimum Battery Order: 50 GTS Batteries (any type) per Site.
  • Fresh Start™ Site Visit – a GTS technician will visit your site at a mutually agreed upon day and time. The technician will:
    - Test all mobile lithium batteries at your facility using our unique portable battery Chemical Polarization (CP) Tester.
    - Remove all bad batteries.
    - Recycle all bad batteries. Recycling Certificate and $.50 credit for each recycled battery will be provided.
    - Replace removed batteries with the newly purchased batteries.
    - Provide a follow up report on tested and recycled batteries within 48 hours
  • Cost: $150.00 (*Note that Fresh Start™ may only be purchased in conjunction with the Minimum Battery Order listed above.)
  • Volume battery and multiple site discounts available.
  • Available Optional Onsite Services: Charger Maintenance, Battery Inventory, Device Inventory, and more.)