11 Aug 2020

Increase Your Bottom Line with RFID Tracking Know where your assets are in real time

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking helps businesses reduce their costs in a wide range of industries.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking helps businesses reduce their costs in a wide range of industries. RFID can save your business time and money by providing real-time traceability and location data on your inventory. By having accurate data, you gain complete visibility over your supply chain and can quickly identify inefficiencies in your operations. This data transparency directly impacts your bottom line. 


A RFID Printer for Every Application and Price Point


Printronix Auto ID offers a comprehensive lineup of industry-leading RFID printers.  From our enterprise-level industrial T6000e to the mid-level industrial T4000 to our  T800 desktop printer, our broad range covers most applications and scenarios.

RFID Printer Series 

Designed for Both Smart Labels and On-metal Tags

Both the T6000e and T4000 were designed from the ground up to work with both standard RFID smart labels and a wide variety of on-metal tags. 

T6000e 4_ Right w label

Benefits to you:

  • No separate part numbers
  • No add-ons
  • No additional firmware
  • No changes to the printer 
  • Swap between the media types, print and encode with ease

7 Reasons to Choose a Printronix Auto ID RFID Printer

  1. Support for Both Standard and On-metal RFID Smart Labels and Tags: Quickly and easily switch between media types with the T6000e and T4000
  2. Industry-Leading RFID Auto-Calibration Feature: Quickly and accurately calibrate the printer to work with almost any RAIN (UHF Passive) compliant tag
  3. Simplified Label-Sourcing: Unique printer firmware delivers maximum performance regardless of inlay location
  4. Extensive Data Reporting Capabilities: Print and encode labels and send the data back to your host system
  5. Feature-Rich: Multiple printer languages, enterprise connectivity, unified control panel, and remote management support
  6. Eliminate Bad RFID Labels: Full backup and overstrike of RFID labels that would not encode
  7. RFID Printer and Label Validation Lab: Our unique lab works with you to determine your label’s compatibility and optimal settings with our printers