8 Jul 2019

HP for Business focusing on growth

HP Inc. event themed Be Unstoppable was focused on the business growth of startups with the launch of HP for business range.

HP Inc. recently launched its HP line for the HP for business range to support the startups. The theme was Be Unstoppablea spirit to unleash the large organizations. Anurag Kapoor, Country Manager, Mid-market Business, HP Inc., delivered the welcome note. He said: “HP has conducted a survey with Harvard Business Review Analytics Services.  According to this survey, if your employees don’t have the tools and resources, it doesn’t matter how great your culture is or how beautiful your space is, as they just can’t be effective or productive at their work.”

According to the survey:

§  62 percent said it is important having the right software applications.

§  52 percent said it is important having the right collaboration technology for video and audio conferencing.

§  42 percent believe having latest hardware devices for work you do (e.g. desktops, notebooks).

§  22 percent said having cutting edge technologies (e.g. AR/ VR).

The ability to collaborate is critical when it comes to choosing technology, like, how important is your ability to share content, or, for a remote person to contribute to a conversation. The IT decision-makers need to find out how to use technology to make those things come to life, as per Jacob Morgan.


HP for Business enables business growth in three key areas:

Security: Adapt to new trends and new technologies, while keeping evolving threats at bay.

Reliability: Learn how to run a lean and mean business by streamlining operations, cutting costs, and doing more with less.

Performance: Convince customers, convert opportunities, and win market share quicker than competitors.


CREDIT: Aanchal Ghatak - DATAQUEST