6 Jan 2020

Environmentally friendly, cost conscious printing

Location: United States

Our CT-S310II is the ideal #POS #printer for those who want to limit their impact on the environment. Fondly named the eco-POS printer, the CT-S310II features an energy star power supply, a paper saving function, halogen free housing and packaging made from recycled materials. Check it out for yourself!


Environmentally friendly, cost conscious printing

The Eco-POS Printer

The industry-leading CT-S310II is a compact and advanced receipt and bar code printer.  Featuring an ENERGY STAR® power supply, paper-save function, halogen-free housing and packaging produced from recycled materials, the CT-S310II is truly environmentally friendly.  With an easy maintenance cutter and patented long life printing (LLP) technology, capable of extending print life to over 200km, the CT-S310II offers the ultimate combination of performance and energy efficiency.

  • High speed 160mm/sec printing
  • Choice of paper widths
  • Extensive range of advanced functions

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