7 Aug 2019

End of Service Announcement

Location: United States

Effective December 31, 2019, AML will no longer offer break-fix repair services on the following handheld computer product families:

  • M5900 Batch Handheld
  • M7220 Wireless Terminal
  • M71V2 Wireless Terminal

Production on these devices ceased 5 years ago, or longer, and many of the components necessary to make repairs are no longer available.

For those customers that may have maintenance agreements extending out beyond December 31st, 2019, we will honor those agreements to their expiration dates.  Maintenance agreements after the time of this announcement, will terminate at December 31st, 2019.

For those looking to replace your existing devices, we would encourage you to look at our current product offerings: 

The Scepter Enterprise Mobile Computer is an exciting new generation of mobile devices featuring the Android operating system, a 5" display, and was designed to accommodate terminal emulation as well as web-based applications.

Learn more about the Scepter here
The Triton Wireless Terminal is a virtual drop-in replacement for the M71V2 or M7220 and uses the same cradles, batteries, and other accessories.

Learn more about the Triton here
The M7225b Batch Mobile Computer would be an ideal replacement for the M5900. It is the identical form factor, but is powered by Windows CE6 and features a color touchscreen. The M7225b comes pre-loaded with our DC Suite Software with applications very similar to those pre-loaded on the M5900. The M7225b also uses the same charging cradles and other accessories as the M5900.

Learn more about the M7225b
An alternative to the M7225b, for an ideal M5900 replacement, would be the LDX10 Batch Handheld Computer. In a smaller form factor, the LDX10 also comes pre-loaded with DC Suite Software and does not require a charging cradle.

Learn more about the LDX10