4 Nov 2019

Design Your Next Video Wall Project with the Next-Generation Calculator

Designing video walls just got a lot easier (and more fun!) with Leyard & Planar’s new Video Wall Calculator

When trying to determine what video wall technology or models best fit, manufacturer’s video wall design tools have become a necessary. Since 2014, Leyard and Planar have been leading the way in developing and delivering industry-leading free, easy-to-use online Video Wall Calculators that simplify the video wall selection process by enabling users to easily configure video walls, preview it and download the results – complete with specification data, installation diagrams and custom renderings.

Leyard and Planar recently launched the Next-Generation Video Wall Calculator that builds upon the success of Leyard and Planar’s Clarity Matrix and LED Video Wall Calculators, with new important new features and enhancements including:

  • Ability to design and compare LED and LCD products in a single Calculator
  • Incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR) to visualize designs in real spaces by simply uploading a photo
  • Mobile-friendly for easier use on tables and smart phones
  • Improved and more modern user interface

Leyard and Planar understand the value of these design tools and are committed to leading the industry in developing video wall design tools that simply, The new Video Wall Calculator includes key Planar LCD and Leyard LED video wall product lines, with more LED product lines coming in early 2019.

Check out a video demonstration of the Next-Gen Video Wall Calculator or try it out now!