11 Jan 2019

Datalogic introduces the new Memor™ 1: Small in size, powerful in operation

Location: United States

Bologna, Italy - Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, is pleased to announce Memor™ 1, the new general purpose full touch device...

Scanning applications benefit from advanced 2D imaging technology and Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ indications for visual good-read feedback.  The Memor 1 comes with a powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ CPU and features Android™ 8.1 (Oreo) with Google Mobile Services (GMS). Available in two form factors: a hand-held model resembling a rugged smartphone, and a pistol-grip version with a comfortable trigger for all day scanning.  Memor 1 can also be used as a on-premise cordless phone or PTT device using the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), making Memor 1 a great choice for Warehouse Associates, Store Managers and Sales Assistants.

Memor 1 mobile computer features the Datalogic Wireless Charging System, a ground-breaking new feature for enterprise devices; Datalogic is the first manufacturer to offer this technology in rugged mobile computers and handheld scanners. Based on inductive-charging technology now widespread in numerous consumer electronic products, Datalogic’s Wireless Charging System eliminates battery contacts and pins, that often get dirty, bent, or broken over time – and this removes a key point of failure for devices used in industrial and retail functions.  Routine charging system maintenance and cleaning procedures are eliminated which means lower down time, and a lower TCO for Datalogic systems.  Datalogic’s Wireless Charging System is also faster than traditional charging solutions.  Battery levels can be safely and rapidly “topped-up” between shifts, and fully-recharged in the shortest possible time – all without over-stressing contacts, pins, and cables.  For devices used round the clock, or with only short breaks between shifts, this is a great operational advantage.

Thanks to the new technology with highly visible white-illumination, Memor 1 addresses a wide range of applications, including high density 1D and 2D bar codes. The powerful platform allows users to run mobile applications with a fluid and smooth user experience. Memor 1 mobile computer is a solid business companion in the Retail Industry (Inventory; Access Control; Gift Registry; Shop Floor Applications; Assisted Sales); in Manufacturing (Quality Control; Inventory; Shipping/Receiving) and for Logistics applications (Inventory; Picking/Packing; Shipping/Receiving; Track & Trace).