1 May 2020

Code Corporation’s Miniature Image Scan Engine

Brings New Capabilities to Life Science

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Code Corporation today announced it has updated its OEM series of high-performance, miniature image scan engines. Code’s CR8200 product line now boasts powerful image enhancement controls to improve the efficiency and accuracy of automated life science instruments.

tiny scanners


As the demand for smaller size, lower cost and higher throughput machines grows, the challenge to fortify accuracy in assay results becomes imperative. Industry leaders are turning to digital imaging experts to solve this problem and companies such as Code are heeding the call.

In a lab setting, test tube, lateral flow and microfluidic devices all require visual methods to measure, track and automate results. Within these environments, however, exist a unique myriad of obstacles to overcome. Unevenly lit scenes, multiple targets and varying focal planes are just a few of the hurdles in the gauntlet; to extract a good image requires an exceptional set of tools.

In its most recent update, Code introduced fully customizable sub-image “attention” areas to create automated setpoints for image brightness and contrast. Cropping, windowing and field selection have also been enhanced in such a way to add “layers” of customizable permutations to attain the best image possible. Coupled with patented dual-field optics and world-leading barcode decoder, the CR8200 OEM engine gives the end user total flexibility in their implementation.

“The innovative image capture capabilities we have added to the CR8200 are further helping clinical labs reduce risk, increase efficiencies, and provide better outcomes,” said Kent Hansen, CEO of Code Corporation. “By tightly controlling and optimizing the image capture process with brightness and contrast of the specific area of interest, the CR8200 performs beyond industry norms for what is expected of a barcode reader engine, and transfers that leap in efficiency and performance onto our clients.”

These updates were included in the firmware release version 1.16.0 which provided additional, advanced image capture capabilities to its industry-leading high performance imaging. With rapid, first-pass read rates, the CR8200 effortlessly decodes 1D, 2D, postal, and direct part mark barcodes printed on a variety of surfaces in a variety of conditions. Applications include use in medical devices, kiosks, ATMs, manufacturing, direct part marking, handheld devices, mobile computers and more. For more information, please visit https://www.codecorp.com/portfolio-items/scan-engines/.