27 Aug 2020

Citizen announces CL-S521, CL-S621 & CL-S700, Type II Product Release

Location: United States

TORRANCE, Calif. (August 20, 2020) – Citizen Systems America Corporation, a leading manufacturer of world-class printing technology, is proud to announce the release of the continuation models for the CL-S521, 621 and 700 barcode product category with the release of the type II products. These newer products will have the same excellent physical attributes as the type I models and will include a newer electronics architecture and additional memory capability. The CL-S521, 621 and 700 type II will also be fully backward compatible to type I

installations making the adoption seamless.

The type I models of the CL-S521, 621 and 700 printers will be available while supplies last and the transition to type II inventory is available immediately.