25 Feb 2020

BlueStar Receives Honeywell’s ‘Distributor of the Year’ Award for US and Canadian Regions

BlueStar, the leading solutions-based distributor, has just received the highest achievement ranking of 2019’s ‘Distributor of the Year’ from Honeywell.

BlueStar is honored to have been awarded the ‘2019 Honeywell Distributor’ of the year. BlueStar accomplished this feat on account of performance, undiminished support and a drive towards strengthening the BlueStar and Honeywell relationship.

The Honeywell Distributor of the Year Award is granted to a company who has accomplished the highest and most sustainable quarterly sales outgrowth throughout the year. BlueStar continues to execute a pattern for delivering growth, value, enablement of Channel initiatives, all while remaining effectively communicative during the collaboration process. The award honors the achievement in both the United States and Canada.

“Over the tenure of our Honeywell relationship we have expanded our value-add services to support the Honeywell Partners on numerous fronts including marketing and business development programs, custom configuration and service offerings, pre-sale and post-sale support call centers, innovative finance, In-a-Box™ Solutions, and BlueStar’s TEConnect Partner Program to accelerate Channel growth for Technology Software Companies with Honeywell solutions. We are honored to receive this recognition for 2019, and BlueStar will continue to expand our value-adds to drive the combined growth of Honeywell and their North American partners,” stated BlueStar’s Vice President of Marketing, Mark Fraker.

“Honeywell’s strong and loyal partner network is the cornerstone success, and BlueStar’s excellent support of our partners is why they are well deserving of being named our 2019 Distributor of the Year,” said Andy D’Amelio, VP and GM of Honeywell’s U.S. Productivity Products business. “BlueStar continues to innovate and deliver value with their channel enablement initiatives, helping Honeywell to get our industry-leading products and solutions both established partners and new members of the channel community throughout the U.S. and Canada.”

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