3 Aug 2020


Location: United States

BlueStar, the US-based distributor, will now be offering services to support CuraEdge in building edge data centers, which come with security, 5G connectivity, server/storage in cabinets, and containers.

July 31, 2020 – Hebron, KY. – Organizations in every sector are implementing edge computing strategies to analyze the vast amounts of data generated by Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  Edge and Micro Data Centers (“MDCs”) are essential to edge computing because they allow data to be processed at its source. As new technologies such as 5G and IOT continue to generate data the need for Edge and Micro Data Centers is continuing to grow dramatically.

“CuraEdge is a concept where EOM as the system integrator is simplifying the transition of our customers to the Edge technology. Our portfolio will facilitate the digital transformation of our customers’ businesses and get them to innovate and be ready for the next technology evolutions within 5G and IOT. We are proud to engage our partners Bluestar, Supermicro and Tripplite who understand and believe in the CuraEdge concept. We have bundled products with services and years of knowledge and experience to bring to market a purpose built and complete Edge solution to our customers,” said Edward Van Heyningen, CEO of EOM Group.

“We are excited to be working with world class companies including Supermicro, WatchGuard, and Tripplite to help EOM bring prepackaged edge data centers to market.  Their unique designs with disaster recovery and safety features built right into these highly customizable platforms makes them perfect for edge or hybrid edge compute solutions. With different power and connectivity options CuraEdge can function under just about any environmental conditions said Michael Freeman, BlueStar’s Networking Lead.

“Greater dependence on edge computing is driving the need for infrastructure solutions that can be deployed quickly and reliably,” said Tony Locker, Tripp Lite’s Vice President of Product Management, Enterprise Solutions. “By working with EOM, BlueStar, and Supermicro to offer expertly configured micro data centers and a broad selection of stocked product options for customization, we help customers get the exact solution they need for edge-of-network applications in an efficient manner.”

For further information please contact Andre Salim Tele: 18687649871

Phone: andre@eomnv.com or your regional BlueStar office.