14 Nov 2019

Beyond the Door: Secure Print

Do RFID badges only make you think of opening doors or logging into a computer? This series will explore the wide variety of uses for secure credentials. Up first...secure printing!


What is secure print? Secure print is just what it sounds like...applying a layer of security to printers and MFPs that requires a user to authenticate a print job at the device before it is released. 

Why would my customers want this? Great question, and there are several good answers.


  1. Printers/MFPs are external security risks. Like any computer or peripheral on a network, printers can be hacked or infected with viruses and malware. Implementing a secure print solution can help IT monitor those devices.
  2. They're internal risks, too. Have you ever found a document left on a shared printer? Printed something and forgot it? Sent something to the wrong printer? Made a copy and left the original? If any of those documents contained sensitive, classified or confidential information, you run a huge risk of exposure to unwanted parties.
  3. Printing is expensive. In a large company (or any company, really), all of those unnecessary, forgotten or lost print jobs add up in paper, ink, toner and potential machine repairs or replacements. By only releasing print jobs to the right people when they need it, a lot of waste can be eliminated. It can also make it easier for companies looking to save money by moving from personal to network printers but don't want to sacrifice the privacy for their employees.
  4. Compliance. A secure print setup and policy meets regulations like HIPAA, PCI and GDPR.

How does it work? The typical secure print setup requires two main components, a software solution that manages, stores and sorts print jobs before releasing them to the device where the user authenticates their identity. This can be accomplished by entering a PIN code or username/password combo, but to simplify matters and add more security, the user can tap their credential on a mounted or embedded card reader on the device to indicate they are ready to print and receive a job in queue. Here's an illustration with two types of RF IDeas readers:


Who would want this? 

  • Enterprise/Corporate
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Law Firms
  • Education
  • HR Departments

For more info, check out the links below and speak to your RF IDeas RSM!