30 Jun 2020

Beyond the Door: Mobile Authentication

Do RFID badges only make you think of opening doors? This series explores the wide variety of uses for secure credentials. This installment: using credentials on mobile devices

What is mobile authentication? Mobile authentication allows for identity management and access credentials typically presented as physical cards, fobs or other forms to be stored on mobile devices instead. Credentials are then read by a compatible device for the same applications a physical badge would accomplish.

What kind of applications are we talking about? Identity access, SSO, time & attendance, secure print, enrollment and many more.

Why mobile credentials instead of physical? For one, mobile credentials are harder to lose. How many times have you left a badge on a desk, in your car or at home? Spent time digging for one in a pocket or bag? Let me ask another question...where is your smartphone? I'll bet that was a quick and easy answer. Most of us keep our phones in line of sight at all times and are less likely to walk off without it. Additionally, mobile devices tend to be pretty secure, locked with a passcode or biometric authentication that only the proper person can easily use.

One in five organizations will move to mobile credentials in 2020 - Gartner


Who would need this? If you haven't noticed, there's a global pandemic impacting how we work, interact and operate in all parts of life, especially the workplace. Companies looking to implement as many contactless options for employees as they can should consider mobile credentials as a simple option to replace high-touch authentication points. 

  • Healthcare
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Government
  • HR/IT/Security/Legal
  • Transportation
  • SMB

What does rf IDEAS have to help? First, you'll need the mobile credentials. rf IDEAS is growing partnerships with top mobile credential providers like Orange, Safetrust & HID. They'll be happy to help introduce you. Once you have your credentials in place, rf IDEAS offers WAVE ID® Mobile Readers with integrated Bluetooth® low energy technology.

For more information, check out the links below, contact your BlueStar account manager or rf IDEAS RSM!