14 Jan 2020

Beyond the Door: IAM

Do RFID badges only make you think of opening doors? This series explores the wide variety of uses for secure credentials. This installment: another common use, IAM.

What is IAM? Identity & Access Management is the discipline that "enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons." Basically, it helps businesses securely control applications and hardware to manage risk and allow personnel to do their job quickly and efficiently.

Where have I seen this before? Healthcare is a big believer in IAM, as they should be. Ensuring that only approved employees have access to patient information, medications, equipment and critical systems fits quite nicely into HIPAA requirements and creates a trail of who accessed what and when. Any industry with compliance and reporting requirements, role-based access, or collecting sensitive data should be looking at secure authentication.

How does it work? The most common use is connecting a reader to a computer or workstation and using a badge in place of typing in a username or password to "tap" in and out of an application. For businesses with multiple software and applications in place, SSO (single sign-on) can marry them together under one set of credentials for each user. Think about all of the usernames and passwords you use on a daily basis for your job. If you're typing each one in every time and struggle to keep track of passwords for each, one badge tapped on a reader saves a lot of time in the long term.

29% of US employees say they enter 11 or more passwords a day, which adds up to about 4000 a year.

Who would want this? 

  • Healthcare
  • Corporate
  • Retail
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Education
  • HR/IT/Security/Legal Departments

What does RF IDeas have to help? Virtually any RF IDeas reader in a variety of form factors meet the need, including: 

  • pcProx Plus (Desktop, Surface Mount) - the classic reader compatible with nearly every credential
  • pcProx Nano - small form factor perfect for laptops and mobile stations
  • pcProx Plus BLE - ideal for businesses looking to leverage mobile credentials. We might forget a badge, but who forgets their phone?
  • OEM & Embedded Readers
  • pcProx Mat/Sonar - Presence detectors that log users out when they leave computers/stations

For more info, check out the links below and speak to your RF IDeas RSM!