1 Jul 2020

4 Benefits of Restaurant Tablet POS Software

Restaurant POS systems have evolved for several reasons:

Restaurant POS systems have evolved for several reasons:

  1. To better meet customer demand
  2. To streamline business operations even more effectively
  3. To withstand tough environments
  4. And to contribute to the overall aesthetic of a restaurant

The outcome of this evolution? A rugged, sleek tablet POS solution equipped with powerful, cloud-based tablet POS software.

A tablet POS solution is a smart way to upgrade or introduce new technology without breaking the bank. The entire restaurant flows more efficiently, servers spend less time waiting to enter orders into a POS terminal and turn tables faster, earning more tips and more profit for the restaurant.

The restaurant landscape is evolving as business becomes more competitive and restaurant models change. More innovative players are entering the market, so restaurant owners are being forced to explore new solutions that help their eateries remain sought-after and profitable. Here are four benefits of integrating restaurant tablet POS software, whether you own one location or a chain of restaurants.

Increased Productivity

Introducing tablet POS shaves 7-10 minutes off each table turn without making diners feel rushed, by reducing the time spent on back-and-forth the diner doesn’t see; like walking to the terminal, clicking between screens to enter information and sending it to the kitchen.

Instead, the server enters an order into a tablet, and sends it to the kitchen before even leaving the table, which eliminates time spent walking to the terminal to enter the order they just wrote down. This time can be reinvested into the customer, talking about specials or upselling drinks and sides. Servers can also reference their tablet to look up the answer to questions about the menu they may not typically be asked, such as allergen information, pricing changes and calorie counts.

Tablet POS software is a must for restaurants that want to increase throughput and boost profits. Using a mobile POS, staff can process credit card payments tableside, which cuts out the waiting between dropping off the check, taking the credit card to the terminal, swiping it and dropping it back at the table.

Fewer Errors

Tablet POS software eliminates the need for employees to handwrite tickets or to remember orders and then enter them into the computer terminal.

The kitchen is always humming, especially during peak shifts—so taking a few seconds or minutes to read a handwritten ticket and ask questions can cause a ripple effect of delays. If there are too many mistakes due to not being able to read the order tickets, it could cause the kitchen to get backed up.

Instead, tablet POS software allows servers to enter orders and transmit them directly to the kitchen, so the kitchen staff can begin to prepare them without delay. This eliminates illegible, hand-written tickets that are run back to the kitchen, or entering handwritten orders into a workstation, which is an invitation to make mistakes. Taking orders on a tablet saves staff time and money by reducing the number of forgotten orders, errors and resources spent remaking food or drinks that were incorrectly entered into the POS system.

Reduced Costs

If you’re in the market for a legacy system with stationary terminals, it’s going to cost you big bucks upfront for hardware, software, licenses and IT service.

Tablet POS software offers substantial savings for restauranteurs–tablets cost a few hundred dollars or less and the software is available by subscription. Cloud-based POS software means that once the new tablet is added to the existing network, it runs the same software and can access existing databases and information. It’s easy to scale as your business grows—add the tablets to your network, sync and start taking orders. This powerful alternative to more traditional setups gives you access to the same comprehensive reporting modules as more expensive, legacy systems, so you can analyze data, view comprehensive reports or check inventory counts whenever you need to.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Tablet POS software empowers employees to use pay-at-the-table technology so customers can settle their bill quickly and easily. Patrons who are worried about their credit card security will be reassured that when it’s time to pay the check, payments are processed in front of them and their credit cards never leave their sight. This extra layer of security virtually eliminates the possibility of theft, so diners feel comfortable paying by card.

Tablets can also be used as self-service kiosks. Kiosks give customers more control over the ordering process, allowing them to input complicated orders, peruse modifiers or read nutritional information. Entering orders directly into a kiosk eliminates errors made while transferring written orders or ones that require a lot of clicks to enter. Instead, the order goes from customer to kiosk to kitchen.

Tablet POS Covers All the Bases

Tablet POS software offers many benefits to restaurants like faster table turns, higher profits, reduced waste, and improved business flow. To get the most out of a tablet-based POS system, restaurant owners should ensure they have the features and functions to suit their needs. To learn more about tablet POS for restaurants, or to speak with an associate about Touch Dynamic’s rugged tablets, please contact us today.