17 Aug 2020

3 Tools to Support Self-Service Payment Solutions for Retail and Restaurants

3 Tools to Support Self-Service Payment Solutions for Retail and Restaurants

MagTek provides tools and services that support Contactless and Touch-Free transactions to satisfy demands in the current payments climate


Secure Contactless Hardware - kDynamo

A rugged, contactless card reader, that also accepts magstripe and EMV chip, kDynamo is a surround device designed to accommodate iOS tablets. kDynamo Air models are ready for mounting with a standardized 100mm VESA-mount, ideal to support self-service offerings and unattended kiosks. Because of its easy integration and built-in security measures – encrypting data at point of transaction and tamper resistance – kDynamo is designed to bolster the self-service experience. Couple kDynamo with QwickPAY for a complete stand-alone solution.

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Robust Gateway Services

Accepting, securing, and processing payment data is the crux of self-service solutions. Magensa Gateway Services offers a variety of options to tackle this aspect of processing payments. Decrypt and Forward takes the data encrypted at point of transaction, sends it to Magensa where it is parsed and forwarded to the designated location. Magensa Payment Protection Gateway is a one-stop shop for accepting and processing self-service payments, securely, and effectively.

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Swift Development and Support

The wide variety of self-service offerings creates a moving target when developing applications for restaurants or merchants. MagTek provides free SDKs and APIs to assist in the development process. Additionally, MagTek offers the MagneFlex browser, a suite of developer tools that speeds time to market while removing roadblocks from certification process. Self-service offerings need to be dependable, a required trait more easily accomplished with MagTek support.

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