28 May 2020

3 Steps to a Quicker, Easy-to-Use POS Solution Built for the Current Mobile Payment Climate

MagTek and Magensa Services take on the responsibility of certification, freeing up restaurants and merchants to focus on service and the customer experience.

Deployed as a handheld card reader or at a stand-alone kiosk, the kDynamo is a rugged and reliable, multimedia-ready mobile device. Paired with an iOS tablet, kDynamo is ideally suited for the emerging no-contact demands of the current payments climate. Supported by the MagneSafe Security Architecture, kDynamo encrypts all sensitive payment data, at the point of interaction. EMV certified, kDynamo provides peace of mind to the customer and merchant.

Magensa Developer Tools

MagneFlex Prism is a suite of developer tools that simplifies and streamlines the development process. Wedget is a tool that accelerates development to MagTek readers. Magensa Developer Tools simplify and speed the process of creating applications to pair with devices like the kDynamo. Let Magensa do the heavy lifting of certification and securing data. Merchants can focus on custom business applications.

Mobile POS for Take-Out or Curbside

A major grocer recently rolled out curbside payments for grocery purchases. Four-star restaurants are pivoting to accepting payments for take-out. These are just two examples of businesses enlisting Mobile POS to meet customer demand and to keep business running. Leveraging kDynamo and Magensa’s Developer Tools, curbside, take-out, and more can be quickly implemented.

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