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RP-F10 & Digital Signage Display

RP-F10 & Digital Signage Display

Seiko’s innovation delivering the first cube-designed, high speed printer is only surpassed by its latest offering of the new RP-F10 3” POS printer and another first-to-market, digital signage color display. The RP-F10 printer and digital signage color display offer unique value in a compact footprint delivering directed messages to the end-user and customer. This enables communication and digital signage strategies to be activated all the way down to the actual point of sale transaction, where the consumer can be most receptive. The RP-F10 printer features 2-way paper eject in a compact 5-inch cube design with 10 inch/sec. high speed printing and compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android environments. The optional digital signage color display features a 4.3-inch color LCD allowing for high resolution images, 1D & 2D barcodes, multi-character support. It can be attached together with the RP-F10 printer or separated as needed.

RP-F10 Printer

• 2-way paper eject (top or front paper exit)
• Compact cube 5-inch design
• 10 inch/sec. high speed printing
• Windows, Linux, iOS, Android support
• USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth

Optional Digital Signage Display – attach directly to printer or placed separately

• Color 4.3 LCD digital signage display
• Direct unique messaging to specific users and consumers
• Compact footprint (standalone or attached to the RP-F10)
• Images, 1D & 2D Barcode, multi-character support
• Windows, iOS, Android support


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Seiko’s innovative original cube-designed POS RP-E and RP-D family features both a shared 5-inch cube design embodying Seiko’s commitment to high quality and innovation garnered from our history in precision watchmaking and IT manufacturing. The RP-D10 features an Energy Star certification balanced with fast performance, close to 8 inches/second print speed. It supports top and front access and is considered a standard in the marketplace for both value and performance. The RP-E10 is our high-speed model featuring 13.8 inches/second print speed. In addition, over-sized LEDs make it easy to determine functionality and enables top and front access.


• Standard for value and performance
• Energy Star certified
• 5-inch cube to free up space
• Nearly 8 inches/second print speed
• Top or front access
• Minimum 62 miles of printing and 1.5 million cuts


• Blazing 1.15 feet per second printing speed
• 5-inch cube to free up space
• Top or front access
• Multi-color, over-size LED status
• Minimum 93 miles of printing and 2 million cuts


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