Marketing Services

Below are some of the products that the VARCOM department offers. We pride ourselves in giving the best service and driving the best results on all of our marketing campaigns. You will be kept in the process the entire time with approval and correction ability with anything designed with your company name.  VARCOM always has your branding and best intentions in mind with anything that is produced.  Please read through the products below and see which product you are interested in starting a marketing campaign today.

Website Design

Website Design

The VARCOM department has expert web designers that are trained on all platforms. What sets the VARCOM department apart from other web design firms is the cost of maintenance. Yes, you get a professional looking website that is functional and cutting edge, but you don’t have to pay to have anyone maintain your website if you don’t want to! The VARCOM web team will train you on how to use the backend of your website so you can switch out product images, content, post blogs, press releases, new releases, and much more. This is an extremely valuable aspect of the web design which could save you at a minimum $12,000 per year that you can reinvest into your company.

Animated Videos

Animated Videos

VARCOM now offers the ability to create customized animated videos for your business. We offer three price levels to fit your needs and your budget. Choose from a basic template video, or create a customized video for a unique look and feel.

Video as a whole improves your Google ranking by 53%, and 64% of visitors are more likely to buy after viewing a video. Animated videos are even more effective. According to sources such as Unbounce, Animoto, and TubeMogul, animated videos retain viewers on average 20% better than live or other types of videos.

 Business Benefits of Animated Videos (and some reasons why they are so effective)

  • Flexibility. Animated videos can tackle any topic, complicated or simple.
  • Quality. Live video can be challenging and expensive to create a high production value.
  • More Captivating. When you consider where most videos are shared (social media, YouTube, Google and search engines) and on what devices (PCs, tablets and smartphones) it makes sense why animated videos perform better.
  • Scale-able and Accessible. Unlike live video, animated videos can be made anywhere, for companies all over the world.
  • Cost Effective. Animated videos can be created, revised, and even updated for less than most live videos.

Custom Collateral

Custom Collateral

Inbound/Content Marketing

  • Inbound marketing activities draw traffic to your website with informative and educational content designed to benefit your target audience. It is in direct contrast with outbound marketing activities that broadly advertise or broadcast a message hoping it reaches a potential customer. With inbound marketing, you attract prospects that are actively searching for a solution by providing them with educational information designed to help them solve a pain point or challenge

Digital Advertising

  • We can design customized, professional looking documents for easy distribution to your customers and prospects.  This includes customized catalogs on demand, sales sheets, solutions sales books, electronic flip books, and much more.  You can customize your collateral about hardware and software solutions as well as the services you sell. Once approved, the customized Sales Sheets will be sent to you for you to mail or distribute in person. We can also individually mail them out to your clients for you.

Website Design and Consultation Free of Charge 

  • A well-planned marketing strategy and an up-to-date website are two of the most important marketing investments you can make. BlueStar VARCOM will help you develop a practical, long-term marketing strategy and a plan to execute it through systematic campaigns with a consultation all free of charge.

Marketing Bundles

  • Our enhanced marketing bundles are completely customized with each customer’s unique needs in mind. We offer a wide variety of packages that are created specifically to enhance your marketing needs. Whether you are interested in social media, webinar, or email blast bundles, our team of highly qualified professionals will be sure to listen to your needs and build you a custom campaign that will produce quality leads.

A La Carte 

  • (Direct Mail Postcards, Email Append, Email Blast, Graphic Design, Illustrated Video (basic, intermediate, custom), Video Production, Inbound Marketing Services, List Procurement, Marketing Consultation, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing via Value Bundle or Premier Bundle, Social Media Get Started, Solution Sales Books, Solution Sales Printed Sales Sheets, Telemarketing Services, VAR Storefront Solutions, Web Design from one page to multipage, and Recorded Webinar. 
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