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Connect Beyond the Network™

IT departments everywhere find themselves struggling to bridge the gap between implementing major IT initiatives and delivering better business outcomes. What if we told you that the solution for meeting both demands is as close as your own corporate network? As the only company in the industry solely focused on end-to-end enterprise networking solutions, Extreme is uniquely equipped to help organizations, both large and small, leverage their networks to build stronger connections with their customers, partners, employees, and guests – connections that deliver better business.

Extreme Solutions: Beyond Hardware

We made a name for ourselves more than 20 years ago offering the most comprehensive, high-performance network access and switching products. Today, our worldwide customers are leveraging the combined power of Extreme to take their networks to the next level. So, if you still think "hardware" when you hear "Extreme," it's time to think again.


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Series Printers IMZ - iMZ220 y iMZ320 Independientemente de su elección - un smartphone, tablet o portátil - nuevas impresoras de Zebra iMZ220 y iMZ320 están ahí para apoyar sus necesidades de negocio que imprimen recibos de 2 pulgadas y 3 pulgadas. Las nuevas impresoras IMZ ™ ahora son compatibles con la conectividad Bluetooth de Apple ® iOS, así como Android ™, Windows ® Mobile y las plataformas BlackBerry ®.

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