Dolphin CT50

Dolphin™ CT50

For enterprises that require anywhere, anytime real-time  connectivity to business-critical applications and data capture  capabilities to maximize efficiency and serve customers more  effectively, the Dolphin CT50 is Honeywell’s most advanced  enterprise-ready 4G/LTE mobile computer. With support for either  Windows ®  or Android™ operating systems, the CT50 targets highly  mobile frontline employees in scan-intensive workflows such as  on-demand delivery, field service, and customer engagement who  require a truly mobile office with the modern conveniences of an  all-touch smartphone and the highest degree of future-proofing to  speed business agility and lower total cost of ownership.

With the CT50, network connectivity is no longer a barrier to the  benefits of high performance mobile applications.  The CT50 is  designed to support the most advanced connected mobile user  experiences, facilitating large file transfers, video streaming, and  remote access to business applications quickly, so workers can  more effectively manage a wide variety of tasks throughout the  sales cycle.  Plus, the CT50 offers enough battery life to last a  full shift and beyond, keeping mobile workers always connected  to crucial information to place orders, check stock, look up  order status, or scan items as they are removed for delivery.  Optimized for use in field operations, the CT50 offers a vivid 4.7  in. sunlight-readable display with multiple input modes, including  speech, stylus, gloved-finger touch, and keypad gestures to save  valuable time and minimize data-entry errors.

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Captuvo SL42 Enterprise Sled

Captuvo SL42 Enterprise Sled for iPhone ® de Apple ® 5 ª generation

For enterprises looking to extend the capabilities of their employee- or corporateowned Apple® iPhones®, Honeywell’s Captuvo SL42 enterprise sled transforms the popular and familiar smartphone into an enterprise-ready device that provides instant access to critical business information and enables automatic data capture and/or transaction processing right on the spot. By not having to carry a secondary device, the sleek and compact SL42 empowers mobile workers with the tools to be more efficient and productive while improving customer experience.

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PC43d / PC43t


PC43d / PC43t

Reduce Time to Deploy and Maintain                                                           

  • All in One Printer Command Languages (FP, DP, IPL, ZPL, EPL, DPL = Integration into typical environments
  • USB Host/Boot enables file download from USB Thumb Drives
  • Industry leading connectivity today or user upgradeable in the future for scalability & added confidence: Ethernet, Bluetooth®, WiFi, CCX certified & IPv6 standard
  • Many healthcare and WMS software certifications for leading software compatibilityRemote monitoring and updates via printer webpage, SmartSystemsTM and or Wavelink AvalancheTM delivers a powerful ROI

Improve productivity & efficiency

  • One handed media loading for quick, trouble free use
  • Flexible and programmable Smart Printing simplified labeling processes, reduces errors, can eliminate PC hardware
  • Easy to understand printer status messages from either universal icons or VGA display in 10 user languages keep productivity high and greatly reduces service calls
  • 300m ribbon length reduces number of times operator must stop to change ribbon (1 change to every 4 changes in the competitors' printer)
  • Largest memory with 128MB Flash/RAM and fastest printspeed at 8 ips offer fastest time to first label and throughput
  • Widest range of media available for a desktop printer including tags, receipts, linerless, floodcoat, RFID tags. Media consistency with other printers.
  • Industry leading connectivity today or user upgradable in the future for scalability & added confidence: Ethernet, Bluetooth®, and WiFi, CCX certified & IPv6 standard

Reduce training costs for workers

  • Easy to understand printer status messages from either universal icons or VGA display in 10 user languages maximizes uptime
  • One handed media loading is simple for new users
  • Easy to clean or replace platen roller requires no tools

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Xenon 1900/1902

 Introducing the New Xenon 1900 2D Scanner Series.

Honeywell is redefining the standard for hand-held scanners with the sixth generation of 2D imaging technology.  Xenon 1900 Series incorporates a revolutionary decoding architecture along with a custom sensor, enabling extended depth of field, faster reading, and improved scanning performance on poor quality bar codes.

Corded and wireless options offer unmatched scanning performance and reliability for applications in Retail, Healthcare and Transportation & Logistics.

Optional Disinfectant-Ready Housing available on Xenon 1900 and 1902


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