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There are 5 different kind of software for the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), Point of Sale (POS) and Identification & Security markets: Software for Application Development, Process Management Software (Middleware), Software for Mobile Device Management (MDM), Resource Utilization Software and Specialized Software by Vertical Market.

Application Development Software includes the tools to create systems and applications for mobile devices in an easy and intuitive way, allowing staff with basic knowledge of systems to generate their own applications to offer a comprehensive solution.

Middleware is a relatively recent addition in computing. Gained popularity in the 80s as a solution to the problem of connecting new applications with old systems. Anyway, the term has been used since 1968. The Middleware is a connectivity software that offers a set of services that allow distributed applications running on heterogeneous platforms.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software that as its name indicates allows to remotely manage the organization’s devices, where it is possible to control directly from a central the applications and the devices to install, block, give maintenance, etc. without a physically interaction.

Resource Utilization Software are all those generally packaged licenses that are installed in the PC or Servers that allow to use the equipment and take advantage of its capabilities, a very clear example of these are the label & ID design and printing software.

Specialized Software by Vertical Market are all systems developed by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that have focused on understanding the needs of a specific vertical market with the aim of solving through technology the main challenges they face in daily operation.

A large number of industries use hardware, equipment and devices in the operation of their business. This equipment must be integrated in some way to the systems that implement and manage the processes of the organization, and it is vital to ensure the correct operation of the Software + Hardware.

BlueStar's strategy is to incorporate Software and Middleware solutions into the traditional Hardware portfolio that enable our customers (VARs) to substantially increase their business offerings, allowing them to enter new opportunities and increase sales with their captive customers.

This is why BlueStar presents two new tools:

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