PCI Breach Insurance

BlueStar has partnered with FifthWall to provide best in class PCI Breach and Cyber Insurance. Providing insurance to your customers large are small provides security in case there is a breach detected. However, we go up and beyond by not only providing the insurance post breach, but to be able to spot activity prior to a breach. Knowing what to do in a timely matter after a breach can save your customers thousands of dollars, that is why we can also provide a hotline that can walk your customers step by step through the post breach process. These plans are a low cost monthly fee that can provide security in insecure times.

The Facts - PCI:

  • PCI Incidents have more than tripled since 2011.
  • The average cost of a PCI incident is $36,000.
  • PCI fines alone can cost more than $50,000, and forensics, notifications, & legal fees could cost more.

The Facts - Cyber Security:

  • Cyber events have become one of the biggest risks to most businesses today.
  • 80% of cyber losses come from small transactions.

PCI Insurance:

  • PCI education will not solve this problem: nearly 50% of merchants certified as PCI compliant, are no longer compliant 12 months later.
  • Providing PCI Insurance that offers coverage, whether or not the merchant is PCI compliant, is an easy way to solve the problem and protects against human error.

Breach Hotline:

  • One number to call to help navigate real or suspected breaches.
  • Cyber Breaches (PCI related or not) come in all different shapes and sizes, and are terribly difficult and stressful to manage.
  • No small to midsize business owner has time to learn to become a breach navigation expert.
  • Our 24/7 Breach Hotline exists to be the merchants personal on call expert from the moment they realize they’ve had a breach until it is resolved.

Cyber Insurance:

  • Cyber attacks put small to midsize businesses out of business every day.
  • Preventative measures (employee training, technical solutions, etc.) reduce risk, but they can be very expensive and will not ensure a breach won’t happen.
  • Our cyber insurance is extremely affordable, and provides $250,000 in coverage to act as a safety net.
1-800-354-9776 ex 4230
1-859-371-4423 ex. 3430

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