BlueStar Managed Services Overview

BlueStar Managed Services Levels

We have created a range of service levels designed to provide valuable information about your customers’ mobile deployments with the minimum of effort on your part. BlueStar will do all the hard work for you.

Selling services will enable you to differentiate your business from other resellers whilst delivering a valuable additional revenue stream. It will also deliver real value to your end users helping them to ensure they are getting the most from their investment in enterprise mobility.

Monitor. Manage. Resolve. Choose the service level that best fits your customers’ needs.

Active devices Helps to ensure devices run effectively X    
Unutilised devices Identify and put under utilised devices back into use X    
Out of contact Out of contact devices – identify staff hoarding and provide security for lost & stolen     X
Critical battery events Minimise device disruptions due to battery issues. Better user adoption.     X
Printer odometre Forecast when your printheads will need replacing before they fail     X
Printer utilisation Improved insight into printer utilisation – applications, availability, analytics X X X
Connectivity Helps to identify connectivity problems     X
WLAN / WWAN Monitor wifi and mobile data usage   X  
GPS location Track device location   X  
Repair Loop
Repair report Know when your devices will be returned X    
View the resolution or no fault found Understand what the problem was - it may have been preventable X    
Contract renewal reminders Renewal time and budgeting made easier     X
OS and Firmware updates Ability to update your technology with OS and Firmware updates to benefit from latest features   X