SATO WS4 Seeding Campaign

Benefit of very special discounts with the launch of the brand new 4" Desktop printer from SATO: the WS4 Series

SATO WS4 Seeding Campaign

The new SATO WS4 thermal printer is the most user-friendly in its class and adapts to many widely used printer languages and a selection of wired and wireless interface options.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Eligible regions: All EMEA
  • Eligible partners: All partners
  • Eligible SKU’s:
    • WD202-401NN-EU => WS408DT-LAN 203 dpi with USB + LAN (EU)
    • WT202-401NN-EU => WS408TT-LAN 203 dpi with USB + LAN (EU)
  • Limited to stock availability

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