General Purpose Scanners

DS2200 HC

DS2200-HC Series for Healthcare

Dependable, Affordable and Purpose-Built for Healthcare

Priced competitively without compromising features or performance, the DS2200-HC Series for Healthcare is the affordable and dependable scanning solution your healthcare customers need to improve patient safety and staff productivity.

DS2200-HC Series applications:

  • Positive patient identification
  • Medication dispensary at patient bedside, in pharmacy and on discharge
  • Medication administration and authentication
  • Medication tracking in pharmacy and on pharmacy cart
  • Patient administration and authentication
  • Patient IV bag
  • Specimen tracking
  • Electronic healthcare record access
  • Blood product administration


Innovative Features of the DS2200-HC Series for Healthcare

Easy to clean and sanitize
Disinfectant-ready housing is designed to handle regular sanitizing with popular disinfectants.

"Do Not Disturb" Mode
Illumination on the barcode indicates a good decode. Clinicians instantly know if a medicine, wristband or IV bag was properly scanned, without disturbing patients by a loud beep.

Full-shift battery power designed and guaranteed to last
Providing 14 hours of power, the cordless DS2278-HC scanners are always available for use for a clinician's full shift. Batteries will likely never need to be replaced, reducing TCO and the need to manage a battery pool.

Instant decoding with PRZM Intelligent Imaging
Deliver superior performance on poor quality and challenging barcodes resulting in first-time, every-time scanning. Also, on-the-fly switching between handheld and hands-free scanning increases versatility. Users simply place the scanner in the optional presentation stand to automatically switch to hands-free mode, or pick it up scanner for handheld mode.

Fast, flexible, easy charging
The Micro USB cable provides a low-cost charging alternative to a cradle: plug the scanner directly into a host or wall socket to charge the cordless DS2278-HC in just one hour. The presentation cradle charges the DS2278-HC in just four hours, and also charges the battery during use so the scanner is kept in service during charging, directly on the workstation-on-wheels.

Pre-configured and ready to use, right out of the box
The DS2200-HC Series is configured for the healthcare applications clinicians use every day, while auto-host detect cables automatically select the right host interface. Healthcare staff can plug in the scanner and they're ready to go. With support for 97 international keyboards, the DS2200-HC Series is easy to deploy around the globe.

Easy pairing, integration and easily customized settings with 123Scan
IT staff can easily create configuration barcodes to program scanners, update firmware or stage a large number of devices. The cordless DS2278-HC is paired with any Bluetooth-enabled PC, tablet or smartphone via a single scan. Integration with tablet-based EMR applications is easy, configured and updated right from the tablet.

Eliminate Bluetooth interference with Zebra's proprietary Wi-Fi Friendly Mode
Healthcare staff can ensure the cordless DS2278-HC scanners don't operate on channels shared with the facility's Wi-Fi network, protecting Wi-Fi network performance for caregivers, clinicians, patients and visitors.

Control scanners from a smartphone, tablet or PC
Healthcare workers use a wide variety of devices to access, view and control settings: the beeper, LED and Symbology settings; scanned barcode data; model and serial number information; and more—all from Windows, Android and iOS hosts.

No-cost tools meet advanced management and application development needs
Scanners in different locations can be remotely managed with Zebra's Scanner Management Service (SMS) application, enhancing versatility and communications within and between facilities.


Product Specs

DS4600 HC

DS4600 Series for Healthcare

The versatile healthcare scanner that does more for your whole hospital

Every second of every day, data capture plays a critical role throughout the hospital. NICU nurses scan an ankle bracelet to confirm a newborn’s identity. Nurses scan IV bags to record time and dosage. Pharmacists scan a medication’s barcode to cross-check it with the prescribed dosage. And lab technicians scan barcodes to carefully track specimens. With the DS4600 Series for Healthcare, you get a single solution for all of these data capture needs—and more.


Designed for use throughout the whole hospital, the DS4608-HC can withstand constant disinfecting at the point-of-care and has an LED aimer that is safe for use in the NICU. This versatile scanner accurately and easily captures virtually every barcode type found throughout the hospital and includes innovative features that further boost workflow efficiency and the patient experience. Zebra’s unique DataCapture DNA and industry-preferred management tools make it easier than ever to integrate, deploy and manage your scanners.


The DS4600 Series for Healthcare—the performance you need to improve the quality of care and the versatility you need to simplify your scanner deployment throughout the whole hospital.


Product Specs

DS8100 HC

Better Workflows for Healthcare Professionals and Better Experiences for Patients

Healthcare providers need to equip their healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to provide the very best in patient care, every second of every day.  With Zebra's DS8100-HC Series handheld imagers, now they can.  The DS8100-HC Series is purpose-built for healthcare environments.  It provides unparalleled performance on virtually every barcode in any condition, flexible user-selectable feedback modes designed for around-the-clock use and much more, all in a first-of-its-kind housing delivering maximum protection against the spread of bacteria.  Help healthcare professionals to streamline workflows and deliver better patient experiences with the DS8100-HC Series—only from Zebra.



Affordability and Simplicity Delivered

2D barcodes have made their way to Point of Sale (POS), appearing on everything from the items shoppers are purchasing to printed and electronic coupons and loyalty cards. 1D scanners cannot capture the new 2D codes, leading to exceptions that slow down the checkout process and frustrate shoppers at that last key personal touchpoint in the store. But with the Zebra DS2200 Series, retailers can scan it all.

The DS2200 Series is an affordable 1D/2D imager that does not compromise performance or features for price. Users can choose the model that best fits their POS needs—the corded DS2208 or the cordless DS2278. The DS2200 Series offers affordability with the deployment, ease of use and management simplicity businesses require.


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DS4600 Series for Retail
The versatile scanner that does more for the store

Retail businesses can have the versatility and scanning performance they need to boost productivity and shrink wait times throughout the whole store. Bulky items in a shopping cart, a shopper's driver's license at the returns desk, a mobile coupon at checkout, tiny barcodes in the jewelry department—the DS4600 Series can capture it all. Plus, with an industry-leading 28-inch scan range and bright aim dot, it's easy for checkout associates to scan items in a shopper's cart without leaving the cash wrap.
Industry use: Retail, Hospitality, Quick Serve Restaurants

Product Specs

DS4600 Series for Healthcare
Deploy one scanner throughout the whole hospital

Designed for use throughout the whole hospital, the DS4608-HC can withstand constant disinfecting at the point-of-care. It also has an LED aimer that is safe for use in the NICU. This versatile scanner accurately and easily captures virtually every barcode type found throughout a hospital, including smaller high-density barcodes, curved barcodes on medicine bottles and blood vials, and barcodes on color-coded specimen trays and biopsy cassettes. Also, night mode ensures clinicians get instant feedback of a successful scan without disturbing a resting patient. Industry use: Healthcare

Product Specs

DS4600 Series for Electronics Manufacturing
Purpose-built innovation for the electronics and light manufacturing production line

Manufacturing and production facilities can increase productivity and accuracy with the DS4608-DPE. Purpose-built for electronics and light industrial manufacturing operations, the DS4608-DPE can capture laser etched direct part marks, high density, and low contrast codes, in addition to 4-inch-wide barcodes. A patented rear engine design creates more room for a built-in diffuser, providing both indirect and direct lighting for superior performance on a wide variety of surfaces. And a wide decode range enables the capture of high density barcodes and direct part marks nearer and farther than any other scanner in this class—for true point and shoot simplicity.
Industry use: Electronics Manufacturing, Light Manufacturing

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The Ultimate in Performance, Innovation and Manageability

The checkout stand is the last chance to leave shoppers with a good impression. The quality of the checkout experience is heavily dependent upon the performance of the scanner. With the DS8100 Series handheld imager, every shopper will leave with the ultimate last impression. The DS8100 Series rises above conventional imagers to deliver unprecedented scanning performance on virtually every 1D and 2D barcode, keeping checkout lines moving and cashiers free to deliver a more personal checkout experience. Because when it comes to the checkout experience in your customer’s store, only the best will do.


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DS8178 Power Cap

DS8178 Power Cap

The Ultimate in Performance, Innovation and Manageability

Checkout is the last chance to leave your shoppers with a good impression — and the quality of the checkout experience is heavily dependent upon the performance of the scanner you choose. If cashiers need to scan barcodes multiple times or enter unreadable barcodes manually, your checkoutlanes can back up quickly, resulting in long lines, long wait times and cashiers that need to focus on ringing up merchandise as quickly as possible instead of focusing on shoppers to provide a better checkout experience. Now, you can give every shopper the ultimate last impression with the DS8100 Series handheld imager. The DS8100 Series rises above conventional imagers, delivering unprecedented scanning performance on 1D and 2D barcodes, innovative productivity enhancing tools, including swappable power sources — a PowerPrecision+ battery or PowerCapTM capacitor1 — plus unrivaled manageability tools to keep your scanners up, running and in the hands of your cashiers. Keep checkout lines moving and cashiers free to deliver a more personal checkout experience with the DS8100 Series — because when it comes to the checkout experience, only the best will do.



1  Requires firmware version CAACXS00-004-R00 or later


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Whether you need to scan printed bar codes on paper labels or mobile bar codes on the screen of a mobile phone, with the Zebra DS9208, you'll be ready. You get the versatility to scan any 1D or 2D bar code - from the printed labels in retail that identify product and pricing at the register to mobile coupons, mobile gift and loyalty cards, boarding passes and even theater tickets. And the DS9208 provides all the features you need to keep your workers productive: industry-leading scanning speed; true point-and-shoot scanning simplicity - no need to align bar code and scanner; and hands-free and handheld flexibility. 

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DS9300 Series Presentation Imager

The little presentation scanner with big functionality

From convenience and drug stores to quick serve restaurants and other retail environments — counterspace is limited, bumps and spills may be an everyday occurrence, and the need for high customer satisfaction is always critical. Introducing the DS9300 Series, the presentation scanner that fits anywhere, scans everything, and is built for all-day reliability. You get a compact form factor coupled with stylish aesthetics ideal for trendy boutiques or convenience stores with limited real-estate at the checkout counter. With the ability to scan challenging barcodes at your point of sale, you get unmatched performance for speedier checkout times and happier customers, along with a design that is built to handle everyday drops, bumps and spills to keep you up and running. The DS9300 Series — the little presentation scanner with big functionality.

Innovative Features of the DS9300 Series

A fit-everywhere modern design with a near-zero footprint
The new design of the DS9300 Series is at home everywhere, from the trendiest boutique to a petroleum convenience store. With a near-zero footprint, there's always room for the DS9300 Series, no matter how space-constrained counter space may be. Also, the 45° angle cable connector reduces the already tiny footprint, even when the scanner is tilted forward.

Scan it all—with virtually no exceptions
Quickly and easily capture 1D and 2D barcodes, including tiny, high-density codes, codes printed on a label or displayed on a phone, DotCode and dotted DataMatrix codes through cellophane, as well as new invisible Digimarc codes. Zebra's DS9300 Series' state-of-the-art technology captures barcodes in virtually any condition, on any media.

Rapid-fire can't-miss scanning
When it comes to ease of use, the DS9300 Series outshines the competition. With swipe speeds that are up to 50% faster than competitive scanners, the DS9300 Series can capture barcodes as fast as they are presented. Plus, the largest field of view in this class eliminates the need to move items around to find the "sweet spot."

Intelligent adaptive illumination
The LEDs dynamically adapt to the environment, automatically dimming when not in use and activating when a barcode is present. The LEDs are also recessed and virtually invisible, reducing eye annoyance.

Automatically deactivate anti-theft tags
Support for Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) eliminates a step at the POS for faster checkout: a single pass in front of the DS9300 Series captures barcodes and deactivates tags.

Capture multiple barcodes with one press of the scan trigger
With Multi-Code Data Formatting (MDF), the DS9300 Series can capture multiple barcodes with a single scan and transmit only the barcodes an associate needs, in the order the application expects.

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CS4070 Series

Introducing the wireless Bluetooth CS4070 Companion Scanner, the little device that provides the enterprise-class scanning technology and scanning ergonomics that are missing in your tablets, laptops, smartphones and other devices that are not designed with intensive bar code scanning in mind. The ideal companion for tablets and more, this affordable pocket-sized device offers our most advanced bar code scanning technology, able to capture virtually any bar code, in any condition, in the time it takes to press the trigger — even if it is damaged, dirty or scratched. 

Wireless scanning for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices

Based on Bluetooth standards, the CS4070 works with all of today’s popular tablets, laptops and smartphones. And the integrated MFI chip and Apple Certification ensure compatibility with all Apple mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology for next generation bar code scanning performance — only from Zebra 

Resets the bar for 2D imaging, allowing workers to capture 1D and 2D bar codes with laser-style speed and accuracy for first-time every time split second capture of bar codes in virtually any condition.

Scan virtually any bar code on any medium

Scans 1D, 2D and PDF417 bar codes printed on paper labels or displayed on mobile phones or computer screens, supporting many different types of applications — from mobile POS in a retail store to realtime ordering in route accounting.

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CS4070 Healthcare

Put advanced bar code scanning in the pockets of your healthcare workers to improve patient safety and the patient experience. 

Bar code scanning at patient bedside is crucial in preventing deadly errors in medication administration and specimen collection. Now, you can keep enterprise-class bar code capture at the fingertips of every nurse and lab technician with the CS4070-HC. This little wireless enterprise-class bar code scanner is designed for the mission critical world of the healthcare worker. Small enough to be easily carried at all times, it can be tucked in a pocket or worn on a lanyard. Superior scanning technology means your healthcare workers can dependably scan any electronic or printed 1D or 2D bar code in any condition in the time it takes to press the scan button, whenever and wherever required.

Withstands constant disinfecting

IP52 sealing and a specially designed disinfectant-ready plastic housing allow safe wipe-down with a wide variety of harsh chemicals to help prevent the spread of germs.

Durable design — built to be dropped

Operates reliably after 5 ft./1.2 m drops and 500 consecutive “tumbles” from 1.64 ft./0.5 m.

One million+ scans for superior value

The scan button and scan button graphics are designed and tested to handle over a million presses.

Day and night ‘do-not-disturb’ modes

Healthcare workers can choose to mix and match the decode feedback that is right for the moment: visual (green light/red light), haptic (vibration) and an audible tone.

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