Offering a complete line of rugged tablets is the newest way Zebra delivers a
performance edge to the front line of business

With Zebra's expanded rugged tablet portfolio, it is easy to give your customers the precise technology tools they need to boost worker efficiency, business intelligence and their bottom line long into the future. Whether they need Windows® or Android™ devices, or a combination of both, your customers will receive a mobility solution that is carefully engineered to deliver all-day connectivity, enterprise-grade security and high-performance computing capabilities. The unique versatility and unmatched reliability of our slate, hard-handle and 2-in-1 rugged tablets makes them equally ideal for the office, retail environment, vehicle and adverse working conditions—including factories, warehouses, hazardous locations and a variety of urban and remote field environments.

Built To Handle All-Day, Every-Day Critical Workflows In The Following Industries:



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